Finding others with similar tastes & interests can be tedious.
Discover people like you with HEYOO!
— An exclusive platform for University Students

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Discover Interesting people

Find others in your hyper location to take part in an activity or event that you both are into. Meet someone to learn a classical dance form with, go to yoga or even find a study partner.

Host/Attend Events

Attend an event or activity being hosted by someone else near you; and if you don't find anything catering to your needs you can host your own activity and gather people like yourself in your area.

Interact with others

Chat individually or use the group messaging tool to coordinate the meeting time and location for the event depending on the availability of the interested verified users.

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Meet others without the stigma of meeting on a dating platform and build relationships the traditional way;
Starting with friendship.


User Experience Focused

We maintain our focus on the importance of user experience and are dedicated to giving YOU the best user experience by constantly analysing and interacting with our regular users.



To tackle fake users we designed this app exclusively for university students so you can swipe away not worrying about scammers. Meet offline without any fear or doubt of who you might match with.


Top Grade Security

Our platform is designed for 100% genuine students to sign up using university provided email and student background verification. A 5 star user rating system providing a peace of mind to our users to allow a more satisfied user experience with no fake or illegal profiles.